Both summer and winter, the seaside resort of Blankenberge is a popular vacation destination. Enjoy a relaxing stay during a week, mid-week or weekend in this vibrant town at the Belgian coast. Blankenberge has a lively city center and countless attractions such as Belle Epoque Centre, the Sea-Life Centre, the Casino, the beautiful neo-Romanesque Saint-Roch Church, the old Town Hall and the Lighthouse.
The Blankenberge Marina, in earlier years, a fishing port (1700), is now a modern, developed port. Uniquely situated near the city center and the beach. Blankenberge is perhaps the most popular and liveliest resort on the Flemish coast.The assetts: the wide beach, the embankment with numerous cafes, restaurants, nightlife, the food stalls and many shops.


The medieval city of Bruges is situated in West Flanders and is known as a romantic city trip destination in Belgium. Bruges has a wonderful heritage that certainly is worth to visit. The appearance of the city remained as original as possible, because the inner city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000 is. This was a purely positive development for the atmosphere. A large collection of ancient streets, charming squares and beautiful facades take you into the rich history of the city. Bruges is also called "Venice of the North".This is not without reason, the city has small canals (Brugse Reien) that run through the city with the most beautiful bridges. With a cruise on the canals you visit the most beautiful spots of Bruges. If you want to admire the city in a medieval way, there are many opportunities to visit the historic town in horse-drawn carriages. The car-free city center makes a relaxing exploration possible. Major attractions in Bruges are the Princely Beguinage, the church of Bruges anno 1468, the museum "De Halve Maan", the Chocolate Museum, the concert hall and the Bruges Belfort Tower. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere and enjoy the wonderful sights that Bruges has to offer.

Boat trip Bruges
Bruges is also called the 'Venice of the North'. This is due to the small canals (Called the "Brugse Reien") that run through the city with the most beautiful and romantic bridges. That's why a cruise through these 'veins' of Bruges is a very popular attraction. During a boat trip of about half an hour, you can admire the most beautiful places of Bruges from a completely different perspective.


Knokke may certainly also be referred to as one of the tourist towns in Belgium. It is also called "Petit Paris" because of the exclusive location at the seaside, the beautiful villas and apartments near the sea and the casino. Also perfect for shopping in the many fashion boutiques and to stroll along the promenade with its many art galleries and thereafter you can enjoy fine dining in the lovely restaurants that Knokke offers you. In addition, a day at the stylish casino is also highly recommended. An evening walk along the sea or a stroll through the dunes and then end your evening at one of the nice restaurants, pubs or clubs of the vibrant nightlife in Knokke.